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The children of Sitio Abel, Miarayon are but a drop in the ocean of malnourished children in the Philippines. Most are malnourished with one illness or the other. But it is admirable to see the Miarayon natives actively participate in this program.

Most government feeding programs have fallen through, so in response to this problem, Cartwheel started a feeding program to address the nutritional needs of the children. This program started in June 2001 with benefiaciaries numbering 60+ malnourished children. Feeding is scheduled twice a week in the area.

Aside from a feeding program, Cartwheel has also initiated a health care education program for mothers that is held 2 Thursdays in a month. A former Lumad Health Care worker conducts the health care teaching.

In April 24, 2001, Cartwheel members and Miarayon natives, neighbors of Sitio Abel, marched to Mambuao River to take the first steps in teaching the children to care for their bodies. We taught them basic grooming. We gave them body scrubs and shampoo, trimmed their hair, clipped and cleaned their nails.

With these ongoing programs, Cartwheel appreciates any form of support through contributions and volunteer work.
+ The feeding program needs: volunteers, milk, rice, nutritious foods, etc.
+ The medical missions need: volunteers and medicines (de-worming, fever, hepatitis, LBM, primary complex, asthma, vitamins, etc.)
+ The health care education program needs volunteers, educational materials, soap, shampoo, etc.