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from the Cartwheel Brochure:

We believe in partnership and support. As a community journeying with other groups, we aim to make our connections as personal and rich as possible.

Unit 213 Valle Verde Terraces, Meralco Ave. cor. Gen.Segundo st., 1600 Pasig City, Philippines
Telefax: (0632) 633.7442. Email:


Nurture Yourself:
The Cartwheel Office in Manila connects young professionals wanting to attend retreats and workshops for self-reflection and inner growth through our partnership with Life Directions and the Center for Ignatian Spirituality. We also offer creative prayer/mission-visioning out-of-town workshops monthly for professionals.


Cartwheel smiles2. Share Yourself: (where you are needed most)
Cartwheel serves as a bridge that connects resources and needs. We have identified areas in the country where literacy rates are among the lowest. It is our aim to increase literacy rates in these communities. Young professionals and volunteers whose skills, talents, networks, and other resources are unique to their specific contexts, all contribute to the common aim of providing education to Filipinos in areas where learning opportunities are nil.


3. Share Your Story:
Each individual who gets involved in his or her own way has a unique experience of connecting with the communities we serve. Cartwheel then creates short public service/advocacy ads that reflect those experiences of love, peace, abundance, joy, harmony, giving and personal power. our idea is : if you have a good story, be brave enough to share it. The story itself is gift!